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Dino's Storage F.A.Q.
1. What is climate control and do I need it?
Climate control definitions can vary, so be sure to ask who you rent from what they call climate control. Sometimes it is strictly heated, sometimes it includes air conditioning. At Dinoís, we heat, cool and also run dehumidifiers where necessary to keep the humidity at levels that won't promote mold growth. While we cannot guarantee the temperature or humidity level, we do our best to maintain them so your items remain in the condition in which you left them.
2. Can I access my unit any time of day?
The non-climate control units are 24 hour access, but most climate control buildings are 6a-10p.
3. How do I best utilize the space I'm paying for?
Most customers over-estimate the amount of space they need. If you pack your items well, you can save space, therefore saving time and money. Use the same size boxes, label them specifically (itemized) and try to box most of your items. Items that arenít boxed will be awkward and hard to stack.

Storing shelves or bookcases? Use them to hold those unboxed, odd-ball shaped items. Storing a dresser? Keep the clothes folded in the drawers and put the screws and bolts from the unassembled furniture in a baggy inside. Donít forget to label the baggy!
4. Is the lease month-to-month?
Our leases are month-to-month, but some of our locations offer long-term leases at discounted rates. Others run specials for prepaying for 3 or 6 months. The lease will default at month to month, but if you know you will need the unit longer, ask for long-term rates.
5. When can I move in?
Just sign on the dotted line and the space is yours!
6. How much do I owe at signing?
Unless you are told otherwise before your appointment, you donít have to pay at the time of signing. Because moving can be stressful and time-consuming, we recommend you handle your payment at the time you rent. We also know moving can be expensive, so if you are on a tight budget today, your initial payment is not due for 5 business days.

We require at least one full monthís rent and there is a one-time administrative fee of $10 to establish your account. If you need any supplies like a lock, bubble wrap, boxes, or mattress coves - which all locations will have available - that is due at the same time.
That depends on the location and the availability of the sizes you choose. But please ask!
7. Do I get a discount if I rent more than one unit?
Discounts vary by location and depend on availability. Our most commonly used discounts are military, senior citizen, student, and prepay.
8. Are there discounts for military or senior citizens?
You bet you can bring one from home. But if you donít have one, you can sure buy one from us. We sell pad locks and disc locks. No lock is thief-proof, but disc locks are the most secure type in the storage world and very reasonably priced. We strive to be at or below our competitors' prices and you save yourself a shopping trip by grabbing one off our shelf.
What kind of lock should I buy? Can I just bring one from home?
12. How do I pay?
Money orders and checks can be mailed to PO Box 31310, Omaha, NE, 68131. These are not accepted at the facility where you rent. You can use a debit or credit card on the Bill Pay section of the website, over the phone or in person. You can sign up for automatic withdrawals through your debit, credit, checking or savings account. We do not accept cash for any reason.

Please note: To encourage automatic withdrawals and payment online, some sites charge a processing fee to pay over the phone or in person.
13. What do I do when I'm done renting?
We require a written notice 10 days prior to the next rental month. Not prior to your move out date. For example, if you will be moving out on Nov. 28, you should give written notice by Nov. 20th because that  is 10 days before the next rental period. When you have vacated all your items, sweep the floor, remove your lock, let the manager know you are completely done and remind them to cancel your auto-pay if you have one set up.
If you cancel in writing within 72 hours of renting, the rent charges will be waived and you will only owe a $25 cancellation fee, administrative fee, plus any retail items purchased. If you cancel in writing after 72 hours, one monthís rent will be due. Cancellations must be in writing and not over the phone.
What if my plans change and I don't need the space after all?
9. Why should I buy a mattress or sofa cover?
Even in a climate control unit, dust can accumulate. Mold particles can spread through the air. Bugs and little creatures can make their way inside a building and into your unit. Mattresses and couches are expensive to replace. Spend the extra few dollars to save yourself hundreds!
No. You need to take all your items with you or you will be charged for their disposal. We do not have dumpsters on site.
I have some things I don't want to take with me. Can I leave them or put them in your dumpster?
No. Our leases are, at minimum, monthly, not daily. Once you have paid for a month, the space is yours to use for that rental period. If you choose to vacate prior to the end of the month, you forfeit the remaining days. Partial refunds or over-payments will not be issued. If the following rental period is paid in its entirety and 10 day written notice was given, a refund will be issued. You must request this refund within 5 day of vacating your space.
If I move out before the 31st, do I get a refund for those unused days?
Your lease and its terms are month to month (unless otherwise noted on your contract), so we can change the terms with a 30 daysí notice. Although most likely unpleasant news, rate increases are common in the storage industry. Credit card companies send you notices of the changes of their privacy terms or interest rates with the same proper notice. At the time of renewal, the terms are adjustable. Our standard lease renews every month, so the terms are eligible for change once a month without your signature. Continuing to occupy your unit on and after the date of the change constitutes your compliance with the change.
I signed the lease at one price, but I just received a notice that my rent will be increasing. How can you do this?
You will not find a single storage facility in America whose insurance covers your items. Dinoís Storage sells Bader Insurance if you donít have homeowners or renters insurance to cover the items. Or even if you do have a policy that will cover them, but you want a smaller, outside policy in case you need to make a claim that wonít affect your normal policy.
Dino's Storage's insurance covers my items, right?
18. Iím out of state and movers are going to bring in my items. Can I do the paperwork from out of state? And will someone from Dinoís be there to instruct the movers where to put my belongings?
Lots of our clients are not in the area. We can do leases via fax, mail, or email. We will simply need a copy of your driverís license and if you are storing a car, we will need the insurance and registration too. In regards to the movers, most likely we can make accommodations with proper notice. However, a manager cannot and will not give access to the facility or your unit without proper authorization. So please discuss the details with your location manager prior to signing your lease.
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